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Contributor Guidelines

GuidelinesWe try to encourage emerging and existing designers to be true to their own design ideas and styles. If you have original, fresh designs we can help you launch your business. We receive a tremendous amount of feedback from our contributors. After appearing in our publications, they suddenly find their whole year booked with workshops, work orders and sales of existing items. We are proud that we can help designers achieve this, and we want to expand this service to a whole range of textile-related enterprises.


We are seeking contributions and technique articles in the areas of: dye processes; fabric manipulation; hand embellishing; machine embellishing; prints; graphic designs; knit; crochet; felt, as well as ideas and inspirational stories, plus coverage of Australian events (gallery exhibitions, displays, parades etc). The easiest way for a designer or author to "start the process" is to send an initial email outlining their proposal, and include their home landline number so that we can talk to them about their ideas, and also possibly source the materials required (although we usually only do this for past contributors that submit their articles before deadline, and respond in a timely manner to questions or technical issues with their work).


The Contributor Guidelines are available for download. By submitting an article, garment or technique to us you are agreeing to the terms in the Guidelines.


Yarn Contributor Guidelines - Download PDF (2.5 Mb)

Felt Contributor Guidelines - Download PDF (3.1 Mb)

Embellish Contributor Guidelines - Download PDF (2.4 Mb)

Vintage Made Contributor Guidelines - Download PDF (1.3 Mb)