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Where to find our mags

find our magsYarn, Felt, Embellish, Textile (Fibre Forum) & Vintage Made Magazines are available through newsagents in Australia, as well as through select craft stores, some book suppliers, some Guilds and online through this website. If you are having trouble locating any of our publications, please call on (03) 9888 1853 or click on the coloured title names below, which will take you to our distributor's site, where you will need to enter your postcode OR suburb in the second green Search box. Yarn, Felt, Embellish. Our Australian distributor is Integrated Publication Solutions for Vintage Made Magazine and Gordon & Gotch for Yarn, Felt, Embellish and Textile (Fibre Forum).


Yarn, Felt, Vintage Made, Textile Fibre Forum & Embellish Magazines are distributed via Disticor in USA and Canada, and sold online through Manor House in UK. CraftCo distribute Yarn, Felt, Embellish, Vintage Made and Textile in New Zealand. The distributors make them available via newsagents, craft stores and book stores, or if you would like to stock the magazines in any of these countries, contact the relevant distributor (or us).


If you don't see our titles displayed in your newsagent, please ask for them. They may be "in stock" but not out on display yet. If your local newsagent has an account with Integrated Publication Solutions, then they are able to stock our magazines.


Here is your chance to support your local yarn store, small independent retailer, or cottage industry farm-gate seller. If you are not a current subscriber, the next best thing you can do to support Australian retailers (designers, technical and sub-editors, local artisans, manufacturers etc) is to purchase your copy of Yarn, Felt, Embellish or Textile (Fibre Forum) from one of the stockists below. Please keep in mind that not all of these stores will stock all four of our titles.


The few dollars you spend on your copy will be injected back into the economy and help provide support and encouragement for the unique, boutique craft industry that we currently sustain. So on hehalf of ArtWear Publications, our contributors and our magazine re-sellers, a HUGE THANK YOU. We appreciate your support.


Colonial Lake Books, Kersbrook, SA


Bendigo Woollen Mills, Bendigo, VIC


Treetops Colour Harmonies


Can Do Books, VIC


Punch with Judy, The Rock, NSW


The Thread Studio, Perth, WA


Woolybutt Knitting, Carinya, NSW


National Wool Museum, Geelong, VIC


Plus the Victorian and the Canberra Feltmakers.


New Zealand


Creative VacatioNZ







Various book stores, agents and craft stores across USA and Canada. Distributed through Disticor.

UK - distributor Manor House Magazines